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When selling your home you should have at least applied for an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) before you put your home on the market – Once your home is available for sale your Agent has a duty to ensure an up to date and valid EPC is available to the public. These certificates were introduced back in 2007 and last ten years, so if you think you have one, but you are unsure about its validity, please call us to check this for you.


An energy performance certificate (an EPC) is a standardised document which ranks properties in terms of energy efficiency. The certificate provides information about the property’s energy use and costs as well as recommendations about how to make it more efficient and cheaper to run. Properties are ranked from A to G, A being the most energy efficient.


As of April 2018, if any rental property has a rating of F or G it cannot be let unless an exemption has been registered.


Properties being marketed for sale or rent have a maximum of 14 days from being instructed to supply the valid document.


If you would like to arrange an EPC please use the contact us section below for a quote and we will do the rest.